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For most of us, the very mention of the word “kitchen” evokes warmth, comfort, and fond memories. Regardless of where you live or the size of your home, the kitchen is where we all gather to celebrate great food, special events and the people we love.

Welcome to BC’s Kitchen. Sit down, relax, and make yourself at home. Beyond simply nourishing our bodies, what we eat and with whom we eat can inspire and strengthen the bonds among people, traditions, cultures and communities.

For Bill Cardwell, food brought his family and friends closer together and inspired them to celebrate the splendor of life. Chef Cardwell is keenly interested in how eating, drinking and cooking have evolved in different cultures over time and how food has shaped our way of life right here at home.

Bill will be dishing up a variety of fresh, authentic flavors designed for those who consider themselves a food connoisseur or those who just really like good food. Once you step inside Bill's Kitchen, you will be “wowed” by traditional nightly specials, creative signature dishes and fresh seasonal offerings. The BC’s Kitchen team takes pride in using only the finest ingredients, and believe that locally grown produce and meats are not only more sustainable, but also some of the best this great country has to offer.

We look forward to becoming a part of your collection of memories and celebrations of life.

Private Events
If you’re planning a special event, the BC’s Kitchen is the place for you. It offers both private and semi-private dining options for seating from two - 20. BC’s Kitchen is perfect for an intimate get together, party, celebration or business event.

Outdoor Dining
BC’s Kitchen has outdoor dining unlike anything you’ve seen around town. Spacious yet cozy. Oh so cool, yet warm and inviting on a chilly autumn evening. With seating for over 50 on the patio, there’s plenty of room for all your friends and family. Pull up a chair and have a drink!

Carry Out Cuisine
Now you can bring the comforts of BC’s Kitchen into the comforts of your own home. With an extensive carry-out menu, your favorite BC’s Kitchen cuisine can be enjoyed anywhere you like. Give us a call and order your family favorites.

BC’s Kitchen has extensive catering expertise and can create a custom menu for any occasion, at a venue of your choice. Contact Lavonne Nichols to inquire about our customized service.

Ample parking is available for all BC’s Kitchen guests directly in front of the restaurant or you can park, shop and dine at your pleasure.

11 Meadows Circle Drive #400
Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367
Hours of Service:
Monday-Saturday 11:15am - 3:00pm
Sunday 11:30am – 3:00pm
Monday-Sunday 3:00pm- 5:00pm
Monday-Thursday 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Friday & Saturday 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Sunday 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Happy Hour:
Sunday: 11:30am - Close
Monday & Tuesday : 3pm - Close
Wednesday & Thursday : 3pm - 6pm