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Early in life, John’s passion for food began with a large, close-knit Irish family and a mother who was passionate about nourishing the bodies, hearts, minds and palates of her family with wonderful home cooking.

From a young age, John’s work in restaurants and his Mother’s love of cooking inspired his pursuits to become a Chef. His formal training began at the American Culinary Federation’s Apprenticeship Program at Forest Park Community College. Upon graduation Mr. Kennealy continued his education with professional foodservice development programs the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.

John has held chef positions at various hotels and clubs over the years. Prior to joining Bill Cardwell as partner and Executive Chef at BC”s Kitchen, John was the Executive Chef of the Noonday Club., one of our nation’s oldest and most prestigious city clubs, for the past 17 years.

John’s enthusiasm for community equals his passion for fine food. Over the years, John has been involved with the March of Dimes, Edgewood Children’s Home, and various other local and national charities. He is a member and former board member of various organizations including the American Culinary Federation, Chef’s de Cuisine, local Culinary Society and Vice President of the Friends of James Beard Society, where he has appeared at the James Beard House in New York as part of a local group of Chef’s showcasing St. Louis’s great culinary talents.

John shares his love of great food with wife, local Pastry Chef Kathryn Kennealy (a.k.a “KK”). They reside in Lake St. Louis.